Proposed topics

Monday, 28 August 2006, michuk

Here is a list of topics for new articles. The list is constantly updated to visit us once in a while. You are also welcome to put here your own ideas for articles.

  • Freespire review (free version of Linspire)
  • How to undelete files under different Linux file systems?
  • Linux backup/recovery — benchmark of popular tools
  • Networking in GNU/Linux – configuring cable, DSL, ISDN and modem connections
  • GPRS and UMTS in GNU/Linux – connect to the Internet with Linux and your cell-phone
  • ratpoison — a completely different desktop
  • VoIP in GNU/Linux — description of FOSS VoIP tools: ekiga, OpenWengo, Psi with jingle extension (Google Talk support), aMSN (does it have MSN voice chat support?), as well as some proprtierary solutions like Skype or Gizmo
  • Constantly: reviews of latest GNU/Linux distros and BSD flavors as well as interesting new FOSS applications

If you would like to write any of those articles, contact us first to clarify the conditions of cooperation.