Tuesday, 25 October 2005, michuk

The mission of our vortal is as follows.

  1. Provide the comprehensive and up-to-date descriptions of the major GNU/Linux and BSD flavors
  2. Provide and enhance the tools to help the newcomers select their distro of choice basing on the features, not someone else’s vague recommendations
  3. Publish articles on desktop Linux including the descriptions of new apps, reviews of new distros and important news from the GNU/Linux world
  4. Provide a full “How to switch to Linux”, guide with all important information for the newbies like getting Linux, installing it, configuring it and using the popular programs
  5. Become the major website providing newbie Linux help

The current formula of the service can change in time. All the interesting ideas of how to make the vortal even better are very welcome. Want to cooperate with us? You are always welcome!