Tilda — transparent terminal on your desktop

[ Sunday, 14 September 2008, Adrianot ]

Tilda is a terminal like many others. It is a new project, however, it won recognition as a lightweight console which can be displayed directly on the desktop of ours. It features true transparency and borderless windows. Surprisingly, it is not just an eye-candy, but a quite useful tool as well.

It might be useful to mention that one can attain similar effects using devilspie. I described this very method in the article “Tworzymy terminal bez obramowania” (only polish version available).

As far as installation is concerned, it is similar to installing any packet, which can be found in the repository of our distribution (in Debian and other equipped in apt):

sudo apt-get install tilda

What you have to do if you are using another distro, is to use its packet manager.

We have to enable the installed program by opening: Applications -> Accessories ->Tilda.
What is left, is to configure it.

What you can see in the picture is my configuration and the effects of it. Description of the settings:
Display on all workplaces – do you want Tilda to be displayed on all workplaces? – Yes
Do not show in taskbar – no Tilda minimized window – Yes
Show Notebook Border – do you want border around the Tilda window? – No
Always on top – No
Start Tilda Hidden – enable Tilda while starting the system? – No
Enable double buffering – Yes
Terminal Bell – No
Cursor blinking – No
Font – (you can choose font and its size here)

The values:
Height, Width, Position – are responsible for the size and position of the terminal on the desktop.
As far as Position is concerned, values for x regard vertical, and for y vertical position.
We check Enable Transparency and we set the Level of transparency. As you can see it is 100% for me.

Finally, we set the shortcut responsible for toggling the terminal’s visibility. We click Grab Keybindingand press Ctrl + F10.

Final screen:

Tilda is above the penguin.

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I'm a young man, a student. At home I'm using Ubuntu Linux and I'm trying to help Linux newbies on my blog. You can check out some of my tutorials at UbuntuTw (more...)

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