MICROSOFT drops support for OOXML!

[ Wednesday, 5 December 2007, michuk ]

Multi-trade International Corporation for Research of Office Software Open Format Technologies (MICROSOFT) has announced their surprise decision, that they cease to support OOXML document format (Office Open XML), acknowledging at the same time, that the ANSI-developed & supported TXT format will be a better, universal, solution.

The decision of backing up TXT format by MICROSOFT means, that the OOXML format name will have to be changed and its development & research will be passed on to another company or organization.

Darks Blanc, chairman of MICROSOFT acknowledges, that this decision is already causing anger and disapprovement among OOXML supporters. Joe Bloggs, the founder of J&J International, and a hard-line OOXML supporter believes that corporation’s decision has no real impact and OOXML format will still have the wide-spread support among all civilized micro-world. Quoting him,

one can gain much more effectively utilizing globally advanced efforts to popularize the format, than trying to change their way.

As of December 5th, 2007, it seems that just after the address has ceased to respond, also the Corporation’s website – has disappeared.

Got it Microsoft? Got it Jasow Matusow? Any misread acronym can make sensational headline.

For those not into the subject, I’m refering to the often quoted and “reprinted” article ODF backer abandons file format in favor of W3C alternative.

Inspired by: MICROSOFT wycofuje się ze wsparcia formatu OOXML (Polish KDE blog, first posted by Jarosław Staniek)

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Borys Musielak creator and editor in chief. Professionally -- J2EE consultant in London City. Personally -- free software enthusiast and lobbyist.

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