Wine: Improving Look And Feel

[ Tuesday, 11 March 2008, Bastion ]

A lot of people complains about Wine looks. But not everyone realizes that one can make it look neat easily. This article preents a few simple tips to convert your default Wine to a special one.

Author: Korneliusz Jarzębski

By running the Wine configuration tool: winecfg and choosing the Desktop Integration tab we can install a native theme (*.msstyles files). Unfortunately, publishing any element of Windows operating system is forbidden, so don’t ask me how to get the Luna theme, etc. But there are good news, too. In the Internet you can find dozens of free (as in beer) themes for Windows which work in Wine. The two that I recommend are:

but obviously I encourage you to do some research and find the one you like most.

After downloading and unpacking the theme archive, the only thing you need is the *.msstyles file. They are installable in Wine! Just press the Install theme button in the mentioned winecfg menu and voila:

winecfg : Desktop integration

Sample looks #1

Sample looks #2

Additionally, if you are using the Desktop emulation, you can set your own wallpaper. To achieve this, place any picture in .bmp format at ~/.wine/drive_c/wallpaper.bmp and then change the ./wine/drive_c/windows/win.ini config file accordingly:



Sample wallpaper

This way you can enjoy a way better integration between your default desktop (GNOME/KDE or some lighter environment, it doens’t matter) and Windows applications run through Wine.

Know any more tips? That’s what comments are for!

This article has been originally published on /dev/jarzebski blog: Wine: Lifting. It has been translated and reprinted with author’s permission.

About the Author

Korneliusz Jarzębski

Free software enthusiast, KDE fan. Author of a popular blog: /dev/jarzebski (in Polish). Contributes to since October 2007.

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