Key Linux apps

Saturday, 13 August 2005, michuk

What is the Linux equivalent of application X – this is the second most popular questions on all the GNU/Linux forums, just after the famous “What distro should I choose” :)

Linux distros provide office suites, multimedia, networking and graphics programs… nearly all you can only dream of having on your desktop. Most of the apps accessible for free or for money under the Windows platform have their counterparts in the Linux world. In the table below you an see the key programs for each purpose divided into 3 groups: KDE apps (applications written using the Qt library for the K Desktop Environment), Gnome apps (applications written using the GTK library, mostly for the Gnome desktop) and other command line or graphical apps which use different libraries (like Tcl, Motif, etc).

Gnome, Qt and other apps
KDE (Qt) Gnome (GTK) Other (Tk/Tcl, Wine, CLI)
File managers Konqueror, Krusader Nautilus, Gnome-Commander Rox, Midnight Commander
Office suites KOffice GnomeOffice (Abiword + Gnumeric), Siag Office
Text editors Kate, KWrite, Kedit Mousepad, Gedit Xedit, Emacs, vim
Image browsers KView, Gwenview, Kuickshow GQView, gThumb, F-Spot, GtkSee Picasa
Graphics programs Kivio, Karbon14 GIMP, Sodipodi, Blender, Inkscape Imagemagick
Multimedia apps Video: Kaffeine, noatun, KMPlayer

Audio: amaroK, juK
Video: Totem, GXine, GMPlayer, VLC

Audio: Beep Media Player (bmp), Rhythmbox
Video: mplayer, xine

Audio: XMMS
CD/DVD burning K3B Gnome Baker, Gnome Toaster, Serpentine (Audio CD) gcombust, XCDRoast, cdrecord, cdrdao
Internet browsers Opera, Konqueror Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Browser, Epiphany, Galeon Dillo, Elinks
E-mail and newsgroups clients Kontact (KMail, KNode, aKregator), M2 (in Opera Browser) Mozilla Thunderbird, Novell Evolution, Balsa Sylpheed Claws, Gnu Mail
Instant Messengers Kopete (jabber, gg, icq, msn…), Skype Gaim (jabber, gg, icq, msn…), Wengophone aMSN, CenterICQ
Jabber clients Psi, Kopete Gajim, Kf, Gabber, Gossip, Gaim Tkabber, ekg2
P2P KMldonkey (emule, bittorrent, gnutella), Valknut (DC+), qtorrent, ktorrent aMule, Gnome BTdownload mldonkey, LimeWire, Azureus, xMule

Other tables of equivalents

You may find at least two other tables of equivalents on the Internet. You may found our list just a brief summary of those lists. Our goal was to provide only the most popular choices. I you need more information, consult one of the following lists: