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fold this thread ve3sre  Sunday, 16 July 2006 o godz. 7:42 pm #  Add karma Subtract karma  +1

I’ve used Xandros OS Desktop Deluxe Version 3 for about a year and a half. The integration with Windows is indeed very good! Although these days I only have one really ancient Windows box on my home network.

You can install software from the Debian repositories but you must do this with care otherwise you can break your system. If you plan to install from the Debian repositories I would suggest a visit to the Xandros forums on the Xandros website where you will find some very helpful and “expert” folks.

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fold this thread Davepet  Saturday, 27 January 2007 o godz. 12:48 pm #  Add karma Subtract karma  +0

The techs at Xandros report that Xandros File Manager is *not* a heavily modified Konqueror, but was written from scratch in house.

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fold this thread LinuxRen » Blog Archive » 怎样在Linux中安装软件  Thursday, 3 May 2007 o godz. 6:58 pm #  Add karma Subtract karma  --1

[...] DEB: Debian格式的安装包,现在在Debian的衍生系统中经常见到, Ubuntu, MEPIS, Xandros 和 Knoppix [...]

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fold this thread Christofer Abrahamsson  Thursday, 2 July 2009 o godz. 9:37 pm #  Add karma Subtract karma  +0

crappy dist comes with my acer aspire laptop..

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