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fold this thread wildwestcoaster  Tuesday, 1 April 2008 o godz. 6:26 pm #  Add karma Subtract karma  +0

hey Linux bodies

I valiantly decided to try and escape the clutches of Gates & co the other day.
Put a copy of zenwalk on a stick, transfered to disc DVD and set about doing a dual-boot
type installation. Admittedly, I think I touched my track pad at a crucial moment,
but the end result has been that linux partitioned itself a space and formatted it
directly on top of Windows Vista Home premium. Windows came with my laptop, so I have
no restore disc for it. Not only that, but one of the files was corrupted in zenwalk,
so I now have NO operating system at all. So here I am sitting in my local library trying
to download zenwalk lite onto a stick, and begging someone to tell me how I can get my Windows
back, along with all the programs it has taken me six months to collect and explore and
organise to my satisfaction. I really think it strange that such a sophisticated bunch of
excellent programs cant work out that for most people, with 150 gig of free space on their
hard drive, a linux system could better find an emplt space to install itself when doing
auto-partition, rather than on top of $300 worth of Microsoft OS!! C’mon. A feud is a feud,
but that’s rediculous.

Can anyone tell me how to get my $2000 machine running again? Preferrably without having to
spring for a new version of windows vista? I am not the enemy here!!

I regret that my first post should be so negative, as I wouldn’t be trying to switch to Linux
if I didn’t share some of your outlook, But this is too stupid and too expensive a way for
me to waste my life savings!!!!


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fold this thread tmarrero1234  Friday, 24 December 2010 o godz. 6:17 pm #  Add karma Subtract karma  +0


I see that your post was a couple of years ago from today. I hope you were able to solve your problem by now with your Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) Windows Vista Home Premium. It seems to me that you accidentally repartitioned your hard drive and formatted each partition. If this is the case, your Windows Vista Home Premium OEM and your Preinstalled Software was completely erased. I sorry about that.

If you have not been able to resolve this, and you are still willing to restore Windows Vista Home Premium OEM in your laptop, the best option is to locate someone who might have the same laptop and create the Recovery CD’s or DVD’s. The OEM Manufacturers always install a program in Windows that notifies the End User to create the Recovery CD’or DVD’s. Unfortunately, 99% of End Users ignore these notifications to create the Recovery Media. When a hard drive fails, they dont have a way to restore their system. Most OEM Manufacturers sell these Recovery Media. You must check in the Support section of their Website.

If finding Factory Recovery CD’s or DVD’s for your laptop is not an option, the only other option left is to reinstall Windows from scratch. Even though you may reinstall Windows, your Preinstalled Software will not be available because that was included in the Factory Install Image Partition that you might have accidentally erased and formatted when installing GNU-Linux.

Before reinstalling Windows, you must know that to install a dual-boot of Windows/GNU-Linux, you MUST BACKUP your important data. This is because you must reinstall Windows first, using only part of the hard drive’s capacity. Maybe 50%, depending on the capacity of the hard drive. After installing Windows, then you must install GNU-Linux, by partitioning carefully the FREE SPACE of the hard drive for GNU-Linux. I cannot give you details here but you can find information on how to partition FREE SPACE after the Windows Partition in various Forums on the Internet.

These are GENERAL STEPS to take before reinstalling Windows/GNU-Linux in a dual-boot configuration:

1. Download your computer’s Network Interface Card (NIC) drivers from the manufacturer’s website and save them to an external hard drive or a USB flash drive. You might need the NIC drivers LATER ON to access the Internet from a freshly installed Windows Vista system and download the rest of the Drivers (Chipset, Video, Sound, Modem, etc.) from within Windows and install them.

2. BEFORE REPARTITIONING YOUR HARD DRIVE, you must backup up all your documents, pictures, videos, music, downloads and any other data that you saved to your hard drive that is precious to you. The backup must be saved to an external hard disk with enough space for your data. Seek professional help if needed.

3. If you use e-mail clients, such as Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, IncrediMail, or any other, look for information on the Internet that helps you to locate the e-mail storage files in your hard drive. There is a specific procedure to backup an e-mail storage depending on the e-mail client. If you read your e-mails from your web browser, then you do not need to backup e-mails. Those should be on the e-mail provider’s server.

4. You wrote that your laptop did not include Restore CD’s or DVD’s. You must first check if you see a Microsoft Certificate Seal under your laptop. This seal has your Windows Product Key. You can use a copy of an OEM version of Windows Vista to install the operating system. During the installation, when you input the Product Key, Windows Vista will automatically install the correct edition, which is completely legal for your laptop. You need a copy of a Windows Vista OEM DVD.

5. Finally, after you install Windows Vista, use the Zenwalk CD to install a dual-boot of Windows/GNU-Linux. BE VERY CAREFULL in the partitioning area. DO NOT ERASE existing NTFS partitions. If you previously used 50% of the hard drive for Windows, you will see that the other 50% is FREE SPACE. Partition your FREE SPACE for GNU-Linux.

I recommend:

110MB for boot partition at beginning of free space, mounted as /boot
The available free space MINUS 1024MB*, for the root partition, mounted as /
Finally the 1024MB* free space left for swap partition

*This will depend on the hard drive’s capacity. If 1024MB is too much for swap, leaving you will little space for the root partition, then create a 512MB partition for swap.

6. Install GNU-Linux in the root partition (/)

7. When configuring the Linux Boot Loader (LILO), you must know what you are doing. In order to see your Windows partition inside of GNU-Linux, you must mount the NTFS partition maybe as /win
If you do not need to see your Windows partition from inside of GNU-Linux, then only mount the root partition when configurin LILO.

8. Last, but not least, DO NOT try to be a hero. If you do not understand Hard Drive Partitioning, seek professional help. You DO NOT WANT to install GNU-Linux on top of existing NTFS partitions that belong to Windows.

I hope this helps.


Tom Marrero (tmarrero1234)
CompTIA A+ Certified Professional
HP Accredtied Platform Specialist

fold this thread tony  Thursday, 1 May 2008 o godz. 5:01 am #  Add karma Subtract karma  +0

I am sorry to hear that….

It was completely the opposite in my case. I have a Dell Inspiron 600M
and decided to install Zenwalk 5.0 and I have no regrets. My laptop feels very fast and since I am also a Slackware user, Zenwalk is very easy to configure.

I was running Ubuntu and got rid of it. There is no way I am going back to a different distro. Maybe later I would like to try Arch or NetBSD.


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fold this thread dan harris  Wednesday, 18 June 2008 o godz. 6:09 pm #  Add karma Subtract karma  +0

wild west coaster, this is the price yoy pay for maybe clicking too quick and or not reading the screen, you dont need to spend any more money on windows. first go to pirate bay, if you dislike microsoft like i do you will have no problem stealing from them. get the version of xp or vista you really want and use the cracks. if you are an honest eddie you must find the correct version number from your original install. use you version # in your search criteria. then use the product key that you have already paid for. i bet its written on the bottem of your machine.

shame on vendors fro not supplying cds fro reinstall.

i have a dell it came with vista, i threw the cd in the garbage (literally) i run xp32 fedoracore 9 and puppy linux 3.02alpha

i put the puppy where my old vista recovery partition was, and i use puppy as a recovery option, its small, fast, and root always.

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fold this thread Rick  Tuesday, 20 January 2009 o godz. 5:04 am #  Add karma Subtract karma  +0

@wildwestcoaster Maybe its a good time to say good to mr. bill and start using Linux.

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