Poland vote$ for Microsoft OOXML [it's official]

[ Sunday, 2 September 2007, michuk ]

Technical Committee 182 decided on August 30th to accept Microsoft format Office Open XML as an ISO standard. Another committee already voted against OOXML last week, but the KT 182 decision is the final vote of Poland sent to ISO on August 31th.

17 persons out of 21 present in the voting of committee 182 voted for OOXML without comments! 3 voted yes with comments and one abstracted from voting. There were 0 (literally: zero) votes against the broken standard.

An observer (would-be member of the committee 182) from Foundation for Free and Open-Source Software was not given the ability to vote for “formal reasons”, same as members of other anti-OOXML companies like Mandriva Poland (represented by amavis).

Many questions are arising now:

  • Why was there a change of committees and the 171 committee (which was against OOXML) was excluded from making decision?
  • Why the anti-OOXML companies and organizations were not given the ability to vote even though they were previously ensured that they will have a chance to both vote and present their opinion?
  • Why the committee 182 had only 3 weeks for “debate” and decision and the committee 171 which was responsible for OOXML issue before spend a couple months on the issue with no reason whatsoever
  • And finally: who was the sponsor of the 17 committee members who voted “yes without comments”? (because they would ave to be either sponsored of incompenetnt to make such a ridiculous decision…)

Update 3.9.2007: PKN (Polish standards body), responsible for making the final decision about Polish stance on OOXML informed about their final word of Poland on August 31th. The official stance, provided by Elzbieta Andrukowicz, the chairman of KT 182 clears it out:

Poland voted “approval with commants” providing 4 comments.

We’re sorry to be the providers of bad news. Let’s now hope Open Document, the ISO standard will become a de facto standard anyway in Polish government, education and business. Well, we can only hope that now anyway.

More news on the Poland and OOXML:

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PolishLinux.org creator and editor in chief. Professionally -- J2EE consultant in London City. Personally -- free software enthusiast and lobbyist.

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