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How To Fully Optimize Your Operating System

How To Fully Optimize Your Operating System

How To Fully Optimize Your Operating System

Computers and systems are tricky and complicated. If you lack a thorough knowledge or even basic knowledge of computers, you will often find yourself in a bind. You must understand that something as complicated as a computer requires constant care and constant cleaning up of junk files.

Unless you put in the time to configure your computer’s needs from time to time, you will definitely find your computer beginning to slow down. If and when your computer does slow down, it will only be a matter of time when the real troubles start with your PC.

How To Fully Optimize Your Operating System

To make sure that your computer does not fall apart and make you want to rip off all your hair, here are a few ways to fully optimize your operating system:

  • Keep Your Junk out of the C: Drive: For most computers, the system operators are present in the C: drive. If you overload the C: drive, your computer will automatically slow down. When it slows down, you will find that most of your applications stop working and your computer, in general, will stop responding to commands. This can be sorted by keeping you C: drive almost empty and storing only what is necessary.
  • Install an Anti-virus: Sometimes many viruses seep in the system without your knowledge. These viruses not only disrupt your computer’s processing speed but also steal valuable information from your computer. To get rid of this problem, download and install a verified anti-virus for your system. Make sure that you regularly check your computer for viruses.
  • Updated Drivers: Drivers on your computer are extremely important. Update your drivers regularly and always make sure you have the latest version of the driver.
    This will help the computer to keep its processes at the same speed and work efficiently.
  • Disable Unnecessary Services: There are many background services on a computer. You may not see them working, but they are constantly working, taking up space and power. You can find these services in the task manager of your computer and stop them from the task manager itself. This will give your computer more power and space to work on the important and necessary tasks.
  • Disabling Unnecessary Features: Every computer and PC has the feature of shadows and animations. These shadows and animations can be seen when you close an application, when you open an application, or on the icons. But if you want to optimize your computer and use your computer’s abilities to the fullest then turn these features off. These features may seem small and quite normal, but they take up large amounts of power and space for the animations and features to work. Disabling them will allow your computer to run smoothly.
  • Enable Fast Startup: Many new generation computers provide you with the option of selecting the option of “Fast Startup.” This feature allows your computer to turn your computer on faster after you shut it down. Also, this feature keeps the files open as you left them before shutting down. This helps you to use your computer to its fullest potential and makes things easier for you.
  • Uninstall Unnecessary Programs: Unnecessary program takes up space which can be put to better use. Uninstall these unnecessary programs to free up space on your PC. The more space you have, the better for your computer’s processing speed.

Computers are delicate and complicated things. A slight mishap can change everything on the inside and hamper your computer’s performance.

To keep your computer working at the same speed and to keep it optimized follow the steps mentioned above.

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