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[ Wednesday, 25 April 2007, michuk ]

I’m happy to announce that significant efforts have just started in order to translate the key parts of the vortal into Italian! The translation is done via new Italian wiki: — everyone who knows both Italian and English is welcome to join (no registration is needed, just come and edit)!

We are planning to first translate the static parts of the website, the ones is most famous for — the distro comparisons, the quiz and the content of the main menu, especially the sections: Why Linux, Choose OS and First steps.

Currently, Eric Borda, author of the 2befree blog is involved in the translations. The “Why Linux” section is already finished and needs to be checked by a corrector.

Here are some technical details concerning the translations…

  • We have a script that exports data from the wiki to the wordpress webistes (not yet created for the Italian version) of English and Polish versions. It can be used for the Italian wiki as well, so all translations should land in the wiki and I will take care of putting them on the website as soon as it’s ready.
  • There is also an import/export fascility for the distro comparisons data. You can enter this page: Import DISTRO_NAME (substituting the DISTRO_NAME string with your selected distro name, e.g. Import Debian) to get the code that can be directly pasted into the wikidot edit box for a specific distro. This is needed to start a translation of a new system. English texts should be then translated into Italian and when the translation is finished, I will use the export script to put the comparison data on the Italian vortal. I have just created 3 or 4 distro pages in the wiki for the start. When you want to translate more distro feature descriptions, just use this method.
  • For other pages (from the Choose OS or First steps menu) no special syntax in the wiki is needed so you can just create pages and translate them, just like the “Why Linux” section. Remember to link to the newly created pages on the wiki home page, changing the current status of the specific translation.
  • The wiki is currently editable by anybody (even the registration is not required), but I suggest everyone to register and log in in order to be recognizable. If any of you want to dedicate yourself to the project, I can make you the site admin of the wiki so that you have full options (like removing pages, changing names, etc).

The final translation will be published as a new vortal named Perché Linux (Italian for “Why Linux”).

Any more questions are very welcome. I hope this will be a successful project and the Italian users will soon have a great Linux vortal, too, as their English and Polish speaking colleagues!

About the Author

Borys Musielak creator and editor in chief. Professionally -- J2EE consultant in London City. Personally -- free software enthusiast and lobbyist.

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