PolishLinux recovered after being slashdotted

[ Sunday, 17 September 2006, michuk ]

As you may know, we’ve been slashdotted. It seems like the Slashdot effect is much harder to handle than the digg effect. We had performance problems for the whole day – I am sorry for that.

As a temporary solution, I deactivated all PolishLinux feeds, as it seems they were responsible for the high load of MySQL (the whole website is cached so the database is used quite seldom normally). I haven’t figured out the actual reason, yet. I’ll keep you informed.

Update: RSS is back now.. It seems that extending the WP-cache helped and even though we got dugg the day after the link at Slashdot has been submitted, we haven’t experienced major difficulties since then.

Borys Musielak

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fold this thread michuk  Tuesday, 19 September 2006 o godz. 10:37 am #  Add karma Subtract karma  +0

I put RSS back on. It should be now cached like any other type of content. XSS is still deactivated, though.

BTW, I think we did pretty fine with the heavy load anyway. We served over 100,000 pages during the last 2 days (over 80GB of data!) and the website is doing pretty fine. WordPress cache is not as bas as it seems, I guess :)

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