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[ Tuesday, 14 August 2007, michuk ]

Yes, this is correct. Last year in August PolishLinux.org officially started as a English version of popular jakilinux.org, a Linux vortal popular in Poland. What happened during this year? What are we going to become next year? Read on! And leave some feedback!

The (changing) Mission

PolishLinux.org has been created over a year ago to provide potential Linux users with some basic information about GNU/Linux. We created the overview of Linux and BSD systems, so that you can read detailed information before you choose to install one of them. Then we added the distro chooser to make the choice even simpler and the distribution comparison to allow you compare 2 selected systems side-by-side.

We also provided you with sections concerning the next few steps to take on the UNIX path: the Installation, First steps in GNU/Linux and the Overview of Open-Source applications that you can freely use in this system.

But this was not enough! That’s why we started writing articles about different aspects of using GNU/Linux and BSD systems on usual desktop. Currently we publish 2-3 original articles a week, featuring all aspects of desktop Linux. We now have a team of more than 10 authors and some more contributors. Everyone is invited to join our team. We especially need a person to proof-read the articles.

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Involving community

In October 2006 we set up Community Wiki for PolishLinux.org. This was a great decision. On the wiki we edit the information about Linux and BSD distributions that is then transferred to the distro comparison page. Everyone is free to edit the wiki, even not registered users. We strongly invite you to add your few cents to the description of your favorite distro. This will help make the site even better. If you feel you can handle more, you can become an editor of chosen distro. This will give you the power to make decisions concerning the distribution page and the comparison data.

We also set up a forum as part of our cooperation with a great community website: Nuxified.org. If you are not yet registered there, sign up and join the Nuxified community. On PolishLinux Forum we discuss about current changes, articles selection and other things connected with the service. On other forums you can ask for GNU/Linux help (and no doubt you will get it!).


At the end, there are some highlights of this past year including numbers, statistics and other ranks.

Site popularity

Currently we are getting some 200k pageviews (around 100k visitors) a month. This number has become stable during the last few months. Before we used to get peakk of traffic when featured on popular websites like Digg.com or Slashdot. Here is an Alexa ranking widget for PolishLinux.org for the last year.

Pic.2 Traffic Report from Alexa

Most popular articles

These are the most popular articles all time. Well… whole year :) . If you have missed one, now you have a chance to catch up.

  1. FVWM-Crystal 3.0.4 — speed and transparency — 114,256 pageviews
  2. SSH tricks — 66,594 pageviews
  3. Metisse — you thought you knew what 3D was? — 45,115 pageviews
  4. The Future of Packaging Software in Linux — 42,474 pageviews
  5. SSH Tunnels: Bypass (Almost) Any Firewall — 39,262 pageviews

Where are you from?

Almost 40% of you live in the United States of America. One in 10 lives in UK. Canada is close. Next positions are taken by: Germany, Poland, Australia, Spain, France, Italy and Brazil. No big surprises here. English-speaking nations are on top of the list. Huge number of people from Poland may be result of the misleading name of the vortal as well as the effect of redirections from jakilinux.org.

Top referring sites

Top referring sites that we get the traffic from are: google.com, digg.com, osnews.com, slashdot.org, stumbleupon.com, linuxtoday.com and distrowatch.com. I think no big surprises here.

Top reader browsers and systems

No surprises here. Firefox on the top beating all the competition.

Pic.3 User Browsers

An interesting thing is with the operating systems rank. Windows gets almost 60% with only 33% of Linux users! Macs get 7% and the rest is negligible.

Pic.4 User Systems

If you think about it however, this kind of goes in line with our target reader who is a Windows power user wanting to try Linux. This is the person who we really wish to convert. Why? Just because a converted power user = more converted “normal users”. This is the power user who installs the OS on Joe User’s computer.


By the way, if you wish to propagate our site you can choose one of the multiple banners and link to us from your website. Also, we provide advertizing space so if you wish to support us by advertizing on our site, feel free to read the advertisers FAQ and contact us directly.

Choose your Linux OS at PolishLinux.org

What else?

Do you have any questions, proposals or ideas how to make this place even better? What are the most annoying things about this website? Is it the layout, the articles, the contents in general, poor English? What are the best things on the website? Same? :) Express yourself! We desperately need your feedback in order to make this site a better place. It is your decision whether you wish to help us! Please leave a comment if you do.

Borys Musielak
The Founder of PolishLinux.org

About the Author

Borys Musielak

PolishLinux.org creator and editor in chief. Professionally -- J2EE consultant in London City. Personally -- free software enthusiast and lobbyist.

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