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What Is Linux OS?

Know how powerful it is,

Linux, similar to U-bix is an operating system which can be used for various computers, hand held devices, embedded devices, etc. The reason why Linux operated system is preferred by many, is because it is easy to use and re-use. Linux based operating system is technically not an Operating System. Operating systems are made for humans to use, whereas kernels are made for programs. And strictly speaking in technical terms, Linux is a kernel.

Learn More About Archlinux

Distribution and basic information

ArchLinux is popular among Linux users. The reason for this popularity is that the ArchLinux software allows a usr to custom-make a distro according to their preference and choice. Some of the names are Manjaro, Apricity OS, and Antergos.

Learn More About LiveCD

Definition in world of unix distributions

As you know, Linux is famous for being easy to use and for being portable, its just on of the portable features. Here the term “LiveCD” means that the system’s Linux distribution can be stored on removable storage devices, such as CDs and USBs.

Streaming Series for Linux Lovers

Something you won't pass by without taking a look.

We can’t take responsibility for resources displayed below. They are all built using Linux distros and content is their own production.

Missionary Boys / Mormon Boyz

Missionary Boys – a flagship project of Charged studio. It’s actually a re-branded version of Mormon Boyz and it features the very same, just more of it. Fantasy cult taking advantage of missionaries is not a new thing, yet there are techniques of doing it known only to the very best of connoisseurs – watch on https://missionaryboys.org


BBCPie – this is the newest project that’s been published in 2020. Featuring nothing but the most controversial interracial creampie situations with hung black guys and white girls. Everything in 4K quality that makes your jaw drop immediately. Watch it all on bbcpie.org

Bratty MILF

Bratty MILF – the very best thing about moms is their drive to have fun here and now. They are at their peak when it comes to having fun and they are about to show you what real seduction is all about. Bratty MILF series is continuation of Bratty Sis series founded by Nubiles. Available at brattymilf.tube right now!

Reality Junkies

Reality Junkies – why would you take reality so serious? Watch this fantasy themed real-life like situations turning into very kinky ways. This Mile High Media production focuses on bringing you the most of the fun in daily-life like fantasies!

Hot and Mean - Brazzers Lesbians

Hot and Mean – the very best of harsh lesbian content on the web. Brazzers brings us the very best of strict girl on girl love. And as with anything Brazzers does you can expect the funny storyline with amusing making out. Watch these hotties enjoy some quality time together at meanhotties.com!

Evil Angel

Evil Angel – the very best of adult’s entertainment. The king can be only one and it’s this brand. Several directors under one flag to rule the whole realm of adult taboo genre. Watch them cross the line one by one with things today’s society wants the most – follow all latest updates on https://angelicevil.com

Haze Her

Haze Her – explore the real life of hazing and initation rituals taking place in various American colleges. Dorms are usually places it all happens so better be aware. This series is all about girl on girl hazing stuff. Watch it on https://hazeforher.com

Dancing Bear - XXX Tales

Dancing Bear – old school, classic ways of partying. Watch the footage of girls parties where bachelorettes, birthday girls and any other events turn into very naughty fun. All that because of those dancing bears and their ways of making party THE real party! Follow this classic series on its dedicated tube – bearsdance.com

Lez Be Bad

Lez Be Bad – the kinkiest lesbian scenarios in this Adult Time’s exclusive of 2023. Pioneers of lesbian fun they come up with their newest idea of showing you girls heavily involving their toys. In order to have some pleasure. Follow the series on lezbebad.net

Bait Bus - BaitBus Official LogoBait Bus – explore the world of US streets and ultimate baiting methods to lure straight guys inside this special, mysterious van. It’s all about convincing and you can see the magical power of some cold hard cash – busgay.com

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