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About Polish Linux

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We at Polish Linux, aim to provide you with the most easy and effective ideas and solutions to all your queries regarding the Linux software. Our team of writers are well-qualified and experienced who can help you with any query or question of yours pertaining to the Linux software.
Linux represents a group of free and open source software operating systems which are all built around the Linux kernel. It was released in the year 1991 and is available in several languages.

Our Mission

At Polish Linux, we aim to provide up-to-date information and descriptions of major Linux flavours. Software is dynamic in nature, and one always needs to be on the lookout for updates and changes, which we provide you on our portal from time to time.

From getting Linux to installing it to configuring the network, we aim to provide a complete guide on, “How to switch to Linux.”

A step by step procedure method is used to write all the articles on our portal which makes it easy for our readers to follow and apply.

We also aim to provide articles on desktop Linux and other applications pertaining to the Linux software.

Detailed descriptions of new applications along with their reviews, will also be provided on our portal.

To provide authentic and fact-based news articles from the GNU/Linux world

Our prime aim is to become the top-choice of portal for queries and clarifications pertaining to the world of Linux.

The portal was initially named jakilinux.org and had content in two languages, Polish and English. It was started at the end of 2004, with a basic home page and few articles such as the distro quiz.

The portal later gained momentum by publishing several articles on Linux and BSD flavours. A lot of content has been translated into English from Polish which led to the portal’s new name, Polish Linux, enabling a wider audience accessibility to the portal.

Any article that has been published on our website has been written after proper research and fact-checking. Our team of writers is highly qualified who write articles purely based on facts and their personal experiences.

Instant solutions to all your problems pertaining to the Linux software, is provided by our team of writers, who are always available for follow up questions and queries on their articles.

Articles that are well-written, using simpler language is considered ideal, and the same has been followed by our team of writers. Every article of ours is well-researched and put together which is easy to understand and comprehend.

We at Polish Linux, believe in providing the right information that’s accurate and easy to understand. We also believe in providing a step by step solution to all Linux related problems that will help our readers to follow them and apply them effectively.

To solve all your queries and problems related to the world of Linux, with smartly written articles that are easy to understand and comprehend. Every article on our portal is well-researched and is written in a step-by-step format, making it easy for our readers to follow them.

Being dynamic is a major positive trait, and we believe in having that. In the world of technology, everything changes in a matter of time, and it is always better to change the course of time. We are open to suggestions and would love to hear constructive criticism which will help our portal to grow and develop further.

At Polish Linux, we believe in the power of collaboration and often invite writers to collaborate with us. Our portal consists of proposed topics, from which one can choose a topic on which they would like to write. Our writers are asked to have basic knowledge about the Linux software and a good vocabulary, to write effective pieces.

At Polish Linux, we make sure that every article posted by us is verified thoroughly and that the steps mentioned in the article work without any hindrance. We take full responsibility for content posted by us and are always available for queries and follow-up questions pertaining to that.