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Things Linux OS Can Do That Other OS Can’t

Things Linux OS Can Do That Other OS Can’t

Things Linux OS Can Do That Other OS Can’t

What Is Linux OS?

 Linux, similar to U-bix is an operating system which can be used for various computers, hand held devices, embedded devices, etc. The reason why Linux operated system is preferred by many, is because it is easy to use and re-use. Linux based operating system is technically not an Operating System.

Operating systems are made for humans to use, whereas kernels are made for programs. And strictly speaking in technical terms, Linux is a kernel.

There are various operating systems available for Linux these days. And the best part about all of this is that Linux based systems are modified for a target application or task. You can easily find a system for your specific set of requirements.

Components Of Linux

Before getting into what a Linux OS can do for you, you need to understand the components and the working of a Linux OS. The Linux OS comes with the most basic modular design.

A boot loader is required to start the Linux kernel.

The kernel is situated at the core of the system which once started, will access the networks and begin operations.

Things Linux OS Can Do That Other OS Can’t

Most of us prefer to use a Windows powered computer or a mac. But do you know how powerful a Linux OS is? Here are few things that only a Linux OS can do:

  • You can Use any Hardware: When you use a Linux OS, you do not need to worry about which hardware to use. You can get your hands on any kind of hardware and the load the system. It will just as smoothly as it should! The reason for this is that Linux has one of the broadest driver systems.
  • Encourages Development: All across the world, any program or software which is in development is first tried on Linux. Schools and large campuses are tied with Linux operated systems to provide flexibility of developing something new; the same flexibility is offered to the students in the colleges. This reason is precisely why almost every developer chooses to use Linux.
  • Variety: Linux provides you the luxury of using it whichever software you like. The reason behind this is that Linux is merely a kernel, and kernels require various kinds of additional software to work and function properly. There is no set compatible software for this system. With no limitation, you can easily choose any software as you see fit without worrying about the compatibly of the software!
  • Viruses: Although Linux is an open source system, unlike other operating systems this system seems to be extremely secure. The system is less at risk of getting infected by various viruses, which is a huge plus point.
  • No investment: Linux can be easily downloaded. And that too for free! Yes, that’s right; you can easily download the Linux and start with whatever you need it to, all for only 0 dollars! Linux can be easily loaded by installing the system through a CD and loading it as you see fit.
  • Flexibility: Linux is a flexible system. There are no limitations on what can be changed and what cannot be. If you do not like something, you can change it. It works on the same principles as rooting a phone, flexible and easy to customize. There are only two things you need to think about; one, what to change? And two, how to change?
  • Deleting the It: This is probably one of the best things that only Linux users can taste. If you use Linux and do not like it, you have the luxury of deleting it. Not only that, you can rest assured that there would be no remnant left on the computer from your Linux use, which is the case with other operating systems. Download it or delete it, no problem!

Linux is not yet an operating system. It requires many kinds of software to run, but it is fast growing and lets the user have flexibility in using the system as they like. Developers best use Linux system to their advantage. It works best for those who love to have a customized system and for those who intend to develop something new.