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Things You Never Knew About Your Operating System

Things You Never Knew About Your Operating System

Things You Never Knew About Your Operating System

The advent of computers has brought about a revolution in our daily life. From computers that were so huge to fit in a room, we have come a very long way to desktops and even palmtops. These machines have become our virtual lockers, and a life without these network machines have become unimaginable.

Sending mails, browsing on the net, shopping online and the like have become a daily activity. But nobody really pays attention to the technical aspects that take place to make things happen.

An operating system is essentially the most important parts of a computer. Almost every type of computer, mobile phones, eBooks, DVDs and the like will have an operating system that tells the computer what to do by controlling the system resources such as a processor, and hard disk. An operating system allows the user to use the computer without having the need to know all the details. One of the main tasks of an operating system is to manage the computer resources – both hardware and software.

Most simple single function computers like microwave oven, do not require an operating system. On the other hand, all computers, desktops, laptops, and mobiles do require an operating system. Generally, there are four types of operating systems, which depend widely on the type of application and computer used. Linux based operating systems are popular due to various reasons like a wide range of flexibility in terms of software and abilities. However, you cannot expect a Linux based operating system to work with a Mac system. It can seem daunting to learn all the aspects of an operating system and make use of the entire benefits.

  • Security Is A Strength: Linux is built keeping security in mind. It also comes with strong encryption. This protects a Linux based operating system from most of the computer viruses. Much of the hardware available for Linux works out of the box and does not require much efforts like programming or customization.
  • It Is An Open Source: One key reason why Linux is popular is because it is easily available for everyone and one can learn it with ease. Customising Linux is also quite easy. Another great benefit of using Linux is the fact that you don’t have to be worried about your activities being recorded in your systems like windows or mac.
  • Linux Is Flexible And Scalable: When it comes to installing Linux in your system, you have two options. You can have it in a pen drive or disk and use it as and when you want or get it installed on your system as the only operating system. Unlike the major operating systems, Linux lets you customize it as per your needs.

Owing to the functionality, adaptability, and robustness, Linux is able to compete with its contemporaries including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and many others. Since a decade after its inception, Linux is being accepted as a server platform.