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The Top Problems With Major Operating Systems

The Top Problems With Major Operating Systems

The Top Problems With Major Operating Systems

There is no such system which does not give you any problems. Even if the system and the operating system of your system is easy to understand, there will be some times when certain problems will arise.

Most of these problems are easy to handle and easy to get rid of. But you must be extremely careful while handling these problems, a click on the wrong the option and you’ll lose valuable data.

The Top Problems With Major Operating Systems

I have compiled a list of major operating systems for you. The problems for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Linux OS have been given under their respective sub-heads.

Major Problems With Windows OS

  • The Computer has Slowed Down: A slow computer gets on everyone’s nerves. Most of us face the problem of a slow computer, and it comes unannounced. The problem may lay in the overstuffed “C:” drive on the computer.
  • Constant Network Disconnection: This is a major problem. Your computer might automatically get disconnected, and you may wonder what went wrong. Before running to give your internet provider try some things on the computer, click on troubleshoot problems for further assistance and always make sure your computer has all the necessary drivers updated.

Major Problems With Mac OS

  • Frozen Screen: Who hasn’t faced a frozen screen? Be it a Mac or a Windows computer; every computer freezes at the wrong time during a task. Before concluding to throw your PC away try using the option “Force Quit.” This might come up in a dialog box, or you could push the power button to force a restart. Alternatively, you can use Command+Alt+Escape together to force quit the application. Remember, force quitting or forcing a reboot will make your PC lose some data.
  • Mac that won’t Shut Down: Many times a Mac won’t just shut down. You might need to long press the power button to force it to shut down. But it is advised that you stay patient and let the computer shut down apps working in the background. If it takes time, check the Dock, you might see an app icon which seems to bounce. Stop the process and force the app to shut down and then your computer will easily shut down.

Major Problems With Linux OS

  • Lack of Software: Although Linux OS possess many benefits over the other forms of OS, the system still lacks top-end software. There are good alternatives, which work best for most enthusiasts but for professionals, these alternatives do more damage than good. The quality obtained from high-end software cannot be matched by something else. The lack of software is a huge issue for professionals who use Linux.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility in Linux OS can actually be a pro, but we cannot deny that it creates just as many problems. The problem lies in the capability of the OS to let you change anything and everything. As things stand, realistically we know what we want to change in the system. The true problem lies as to how to go about changing the things you want to change. And due to this most of us mess around with things we aren’t supposed to, thereby creating a bigger mess.

Computers and computer operating systems are complicated things. You need to be extremely careful when you face a problem with your computer.

Most problems are easy to fix and handle, but sometimes our lack of knowledge puts us at a disadvantage. Calmly sort your problems and look for remedies to your problems before jumping to the worst conclusion possible.